Mr. Keshub Mahindra
Chairman, K. C. Mahindra Education Trust

I remember when my father established the K.C. Mahindra Education Trust (KCMET). It was 60 years ago and I remember his vision. A vision to empower young minds through education and help them move ahead in life. When I look back at these 60 years and ask myself whether we have stayed true to his vision, the answer in my heart is positive.

I need only to look at the thousands who stand testimony to our efforts over these years. Years that have seen us take new initiatives. Pushing ourselves to keep up with the dreams of an ever-evolving country and moulding the potential of well over a quarter of a million students through Project Nanhi Kali, Mahindra Pride School, and our Scholarships and Grants.

The pride I feel when I see the growth of Project Nanhi Kali, an initiative we established to ensure that no girl is left behind due to lack of access to quality education. And the growing number of youth whose lives we have transformed with the 100% placement at Mahindra Pride School as well as through our numerous scholarships and grants which have provided them with opportunities for higher education.

As I look back, a special story of a Mahindra All India Talent Scholarship awardee, G. Sriram warms my heart. His father worked as a security guard and his mother was a domestic worker. In 2004, when he applied for a scholarship, they had no way of financing even his vocational education. Three years after he finished his studies and secured a job at Nokia, he donated his first salary to KCMET, with a request to help educate more deserving students like him. Such was the profound impact KCMET had on his life.

Such stories make this 60th anniversary so special. The perfect silver lining to years of hard work. This report is a tribute to all the lives we have had the privilege to touch. They give us the strength to continue our work to mould the lives of future generations. We thank the public for providing us an opportunity to serve them, it has been our privilege to have been able to do so.